• 5 Easy Hellriegel Counters | Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

The Hellriegel is the most used gun in Battlefield 1 because it’s so good at close range, so today I wanted to talk about 5 easy counters you can use in order to counter the Hellriegel. All the weapons mentioned in this video are just as, if not better than the Hellriegel in its given element. These are my best weapons for CQB when it comes to Battlefield 1.

➤ 5 EASY HELLRIEGEL COUNTERS | Best Weapons for CQB – Battlefield 1

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12 thoughts on “• 5 Easy Hellriegel Counters | Battlefield 1

  1. The model 10a slug and model 1900 slug are actually really good at close-mid range for one hit kills, especially if you usually play the scout class. I think I prefer the model 1900 slug for the rate of fire for a follow up if the first shot doesn't do it but the sight on the slug and magazine size is better on the model 10a slug. They're the only shotguns that I don't feel cheap using haha

  2. I'm not even sure why they put the Hellriegle in the game. Wasn't only 1 ever know to be in existence? And why the 60/120 round mag? It should use the stick mag because it would be more historically accurate and balanced. But that's all just my opinion.

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