• Is It Too Late for Battlefield 1 Incursions? | Competitive Game Mode Discussion – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Incursions recently released on all platforms the other day. Players now have the chance to test out one of the most anticipated content drops for Battlefield 1 which players have been asking for from the beginning. Could it be too late implementing Battlefield 1 Incursions so close to Battlefield 2018?

• Is It Too Late for Battlefield 1 Incursions? | Competitive Game Mode Discussion – Battlefield 1

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12 thoughts on “• Is It Too Late for Battlefield 1 Incursions? | Competitive Game Mode Discussion – Battlefield 1

  1. After playing Incursions, I started to brainstorming that this many simplified kits needs to be in next title in base game. Just with added weapon customisation variety by selection and accessories, this could be fun.

    Two support classes (fire support and medic), two vehicle specialists (AT mechanic and logistics driver), two assault classes (anti-tank and shock assault), two reconnaissance classes (sniper and spec ops) and two leadership classes (squad leader and commander).

  2. Is it too late for Incursions? yes and no.
    For people who play BF1 Competitive in leagues like BCL,ESB and BFN this is really fun. it makes the whole competitive scen larger for us.

    But it's too late for it to become BIG in the E-sport scen. if they really wanted to bet on E-sport Dice should have done that in the first year of BF1.
    Now they have games like Fortnite,PUBG, CS:GO and CoD to compete against.

    I agree what you said about this could just be a test for Battlefield 2018, if so I really hope they will implement Incursions straight away or 2-3 month after BF2018 release.

  3. Yer it’s too late for me personally not that I would have played it before much if it came out with the release of the game but that’s just me. I think they wasted a lot of time on this game mode rather than focusing on the dlc releases and balance n bugs. Won’t be disappointed if it’s not in the next game either

  4. It should be a game mode in the game…not to download….and having vehicles in competitive game mode…is retarded….I can see that principal developers of Dice are focusinf on bf2018, and they left some nabs for BF1

  5. I am filthy core gamer who enjoys core experience of Battlefield: +24 players battles in Conquest, freedom to pick any main character class and combined arms warfare. Incursions does offer little to me, only its simplified kits and squad leader kit sounds good. I have played competitive game and experienced level of toxicity in that scene.

    Was it too late, objectively speaking? Yes for this title. Game is end of its prime time in lifecycle, there's pretty much core audience left, random sunday gamers and those who buys it from sales. It serves as testing ground for upcoming title. They will collect feedback from selected few, test its popularity and how well it plays. Tweaks are possibly made but major ones are aimed at Battlefield 2018.

    What I would like to have is weapon pack with few new variants for DLC guns having only one variant.

    Edit: corrected grammar.

  6. I'm a PS4 player and play daily. I've been maxed rank and only stick around for award stars and service assignment goals. Incursions is a refreshing way to play now. I do wish it was part of the original game since I mostly only play Operations. Incursions matchmaking is frustrating most of the time. If someone leaves during match and it becomes 5 vs 3, then the game mode is ruined and no longer fun. Only other problem with Incursions on PS4 is lack of mic use. I only came across one person on mic. Luckily my win percentage is okay 😀

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