►Fallout 4 | Official Multiplayer in Fallout 4?! (Online/Coop)

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Hello Fallout fans, today I discuss the possibilities of Online multiplayer/Coop with Fallout 4.
Within this video I talk about Elder scrolls online, fallout 4 and how many more people prefer the single player experience when we’re talking elder scrolls and fallout games.

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48 thoughts on “►Fallout 4 | Official Multiplayer in Fallout 4?! (Online/Coop)

  1. I hope the next mmo won't have to have stupid class team work balance and I and we don't whant to need a healer a tank and a dps class game balance bullshit. Exemple a power armor +minigun +stimpacks = op ? NO not if the enemy is more high level or a boss you will more likely ask for help to kill them or having op enemy with rare weapons and loots or attacking a big base. In multiplayer the one who have the best loot and rare artefacts with different boost you stats with no auto balance system for stats and damage.

  2. B..But… Borderlands is not post-appocaliptic… it's just on another planet… wtf bro, do you even play Borderlands xD ? And yeah no MMO-nisation for Fallout, but could really use a nice LAN Co-op option, be nice to have friends over there.

  3. have fun beating the game before its suppost to be beaten…youll know cuz the hardest mob in tbe game can be beaten in two hits!!!smh!!!laters designing your settlement for noone to see!!! pointless yo!!!

  4. had fun walking around the waistland dropping missiles on very hard…i never used more than one stimpack, and that was cuz of some insect blood suckers!!! bullshit…i just have gave up…stupid game!!!

  5. my 200 missiles and full perks for explosions heavy weapons and bobblehead for explosions at level 61 etc, causes me to be unbeatable..shit game..they fucked this up. .!!!

  6. yea they need to do that! are u crazy??? i owned and beat this game before i was suppost to beat it…its fuckin borning!!! how am i suppost to show off my settlement. its retarted…u cant even be evil if u decide to be…nah this game had potential, but it sucks!!!

  7. Don't fuck up with a fallout 4 mmo? Retard. Gamers need more mmo games like this shit. Damn. A game series should at least have one of it games multiplayer. If nothing else. Lan multiplayer capable. So you can use tuungle or hamachi to hop on with a friend. Not all gamers are loners that like to play games alone. It's maddening that the game producers preach system compatibility as there excuse for the lack of good co op games out there now. Yet we could do it back in the day? Along with that it's also the fact that they are trying to get people to buy the system itself and the game. It's not about the gamers to them. It's about money. It's such a bullshit ordeal. Trying to find epic games to game online with a friend. Or on lan. It's the same reason they stopped allowing ps2 games on the ps3. Because people would buy the ps3 and only play their ps2 games on it.

  8. I just believe they should've added an option for co-op. I can understand why not multiplayer but come on people. if we have companions. how would added co-op be any different?

  9. we should have a MMO because I already beat the game and it just got boring because there is nothing much to do when your op. it would be fun if we had a MMO because we could maybe fight and team up with other ppl and build together with other ppl on the surver. it would make me more happy if there is MMO. there is so much that they could do with fallout that there not doing at the moment

  10. They should have one multiplayer world/area with dungeons and pvp as well as a singleplayer option, or maybe like clash of clans? Raiding other bases/ towns

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