5 Mistakes Medics Make – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

Following on from the 5 mistakes assault players make we have the medic class. Do you agree with me?

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29 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Medics Make – Battlefield 1

  1. I hate to admit this, but I'll sometimes even waste my concealed rescue smoke thing in a really hairy situation…if im cornered in fort vaux and a squad mate goes Rambo ahead of me and dies, use him as essentially an extra smoke grenade. He could be around 2 walls and 20 ppl between us, but it's just a fact that having an extra smoke grenade can come in handy even if u don't intend on reviving him.

  2. Two things: 1) why not mention the Reciprocity spec? It benefits you for healing teammates. 2) no need to mention ARMA or PUBG when BF1 already has plenty of modes that make “die less often” a necessity: operations and rush come to mind, wherein every death is a lost ticket; if you die without reviving anyone, that’s 1+ tickets wasted; if you die trying to revive a lost cause, that’s 2+ tickets wasted; and for everyone (not just medics), if you respawn when a medic’s on his way, that’s 1 ticket wasted unnecessarily (2 if the medic died trying to save you).

  3. Well after you are done with this series why not make 2 or more hypothetical videos on what BF1 would look and play like if it had mod support like back in BF1942 and BF2 days? Like an Origin version of the steam workshop for user created content? like a more in depth and community oriented CTE where users can make more than just simple maps. Im talking about new weapons, vehicles, factions, gadgets, game modes, gameplay mechanics, exc exc along with dedicated servers.

    A video on the pros and a video on the cons are what come to mind for me as I feel like they would be very interesting and thought provoking topics.

  4. Hi again there. This is an issue that is currently under investigation. We are working on getting it fixed as soon as possible so please bear with us. -Bob

  5. For me the most annoying thing is people who play medic but get rid of the Syringe replacing it with a Noob tube and just using med pouches too..they cant revive…and very rarely throw heals to anyone that isnt them. they turn into total loan wolves. To unlock the 1906 and i believe the Liu storm or something i had to use rifle nades which although frustrating as i feel rifle nades shouldnt be given to medics. i always had Syringe equipped to…so i could HELP THE TEAM.

  6. Not healing when requested can be resolved by making it more obvious that someone needs healing. If you request a medic with his back turned to you he will never see the icon above your head so he will never know you needed something

  7. I cant think of the name of it but I like the medic specialization that refills your health when you heal someone else very useful. you wouldn't believe how many times ive been like do I refill my health or my friends?

  8. This is tho the medic pouch has a longer cooldown and can only heal 1 person at a time. If you are in like, Fort De Vaux, you will be much much more useful healing the 15 people in the fort right next to you than healing 2 people every 10 seconds quicker.

  9. Great vid! I've currently got 112K revives under my belt and run the exact same specializations and totally agree with all the tips. Can also recommend using smoke grenades. Sometimes when there are lot of dead team mates under heavy fire popping a few smoke grenades can make the difference between losing a flag and keeps you and all the fuckers you are reviving alive 🙂

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