90 minutes of Battlefield 1 Xbox One gameplay (Open Beta) – Eurogamer Wednesdays

Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 beta has now gone open so Ian’d heading back to the battlefield to try out the Xbox One version. This beta takes place on the Sinai Desert map, so expect plenty of Battlefield 1 Xbox One gameplay, in fact, it’ll be 90 minutes worth of Battlefield 1 open beta gameplay. Which is nice. Don’t get sand in your shoes!

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19 thoughts on “90 minutes of Battlefield 1 Xbox One gameplay (Open Beta) – Eurogamer Wednesdays

  1. (Incoming wall of text here.) Confuses the hell out of me why people are saying that PS4 looks "way better" than the XB1 version. Hell, I've even seen people saying that the XB1 version has "Xbox 360 graphics!!" I have both consoles and tried the beta on both, so I am speaking from experience here. Literally the only graphical differences between the two are slightly sharper shadows on PS4 and a slightly crisper resolution on PS4 (PS4 is native 900p upscaled to 1080p, XB1 is native 720p upscaled to 1080p; trust me, that sounds much worse than it actually is). Textures, lighting, draw distance, pop-in, anti-aliasing: all of that is exactly the same on both consoles. The XB1 version is ever so slightly more fuzzy than the PS4 version due to its slightly lower resolution, and as I said, the shadows are sharper on the PS4. So all-in-all, both versions look virtually the same. You guys have gotta stop being fanboys and actually fairly compare the two versions, and stop jumping on the Xbox One hate train.

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