Advanced Warfare: DIAMOND DIVISION SUMMARY! | “Screwed By Servers” – RANT!!! |

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The very FIRST Diamond Division of Advanced Warfare went horribly wrong… but did CRYPTiCK “lose” their first ever Clan War?

Be warned. This video contains some SERIOUS ranting from us. We give you all of the information about the servers, Beachhead and more – but don’t expect us to go easy on anyone!

In other news, is it now time for Advanced Warfare to seriously invest in some decent servers and remove the cancer of Call Of Duty – Skill Based Matchmaking? This Clan War has left us with no doubt in our minds…

See our previous clan war summary:

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5 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare: DIAMOND DIVISION SUMMARY! | “Screwed By Servers” – RANT!!! |

  1. im a network tech fricken i got kicked offline by their dumb servers granted i have my internet as good as it can possibly be i get told by them oh its a problem on your end. i was like oh really a problem on my end lets see here my isp said no problems on my end so did playstation……….so advanced warfares servers are the only thing that the issue could have as a part of it is their stupid aw servers. i felt like i was talking to a fricken pieace of dirt thats how stupid the support person i got was. 

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