Advanced Warfare: How to get a DNA Bomb! – (Major Tips and Tricks!)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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21 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare: How to get a DNA Bomb! – (Major Tips and Tricks!)

  1. I got my first DNA Bomb with the Steelbite on Retreat I was sweating soooooooo much! Great video and you earned a sub from me because of those crazy DNA bombs on Nero's Cinema!

  2. Great videos, keep it up. I noticed you played on ps4 and if you ever need some body to play with just add me. MLGDragonOps. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A MAJOR LEAGUE GAMER, I would just like to be

  3. Yesterday i was doing exactly what you said not to do which was think ooh i should play stealthy and because of that i died at a 28 streak by an elite shotgun

  4. been using the SN6 for awhile now and my kd has suffered from getting turned on with the ASM1. It just doesnt compare to the ASM1 or the Bal. Wish i could come up against the  guys you're playing against but all i seem to play are try hards. I guess my SPM is too high because my kd is only 1.52 but i'm also prestige 10. Any idea what SBMM is based on? SPM? kd?

  5. Dude, thanks for the tips. That game play was too good. So some of my friends got AW for Christmas, and I've been trying to get the Inferno or Obsidian Steed and have had absolutely no luck at all, and my friend Andrew opens up his 3rd or 4th Supply Drop EVER and gets the Inferno. But I've been really enjoying playing with a team now, I've gone from 30-40 kills solo to 50-60 with a team. Still no DNA, but I can feel it coming soon.

  6. Tips on scorestreaks? Every score streak I seem to get war bird paladin ai assual drone all seem to get me 0 kills or 3 max each time I use it because everyone runs cold blooded. It frustrates me because when I earn these scorestreaks I actually wanna get kills with them

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