Advanced Warfare No Scope Trick?! How to hit a No Scope!

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Leave a like if you enjoyed! It took me a while to go through all the attachments and figuring out which ones were the best, so leaving a like would mean a lot. 🙂 In this video I go over the best attachments and class setups to hit a no scope in Advanced Warfare and I also go over some basic tips on how to hit a no scope after your last spin in your trick shot.

How to have bots “set up” for you:

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25 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare No Scope Trick?! How to hit a No Scope!

  1. U said that pop shotting doesn't work, and that's way off. It's called blackscoping on adv warfare, and it makes quickscoping absolutely possible at any range. It doesn't seem to work on walls but works on actual online enemy players. Look up blackscoping videos.

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