Advanced Warfare | XS1 Goliath vs Assault Juggernaut | COD Ghosts

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Advanced Warfare | XS1 Goliath vs Assault Juggernaut | COD Ghosts

40 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare | XS1 Goliath vs Assault Juggernaut | COD Ghosts

  1. why always call of duty is crawling with campers
    can somebody explain that?
    this game could be good if there wasnt too many campers every cod player camps it makes me wanna puke.

  2. Goliath stats:
    -Can shoot rockets with a grenade radius.
    -Can shoot 3 homing rockets at enemy you aim at.
    -Can fire minigun, except the firepower is a bit weak and the firing is inaccurate.
    -Can release Ping to reveal hidden nearby enemies.
    -Has tough armor and can be added for a bit more extension, except it will be eliminated quickly by a fast opponent or by a shielder.
    -Slow to walk around.
    -Doesn't jump or climb over.
    -Has a self-destruction button as the only option in leaving this scorestreak.
    -Doesn't regenerate health.

    Juggernaut stats:
    -Carries a minigun with devastating damage and accurate firepower.
    -Minigun bullets lasts about 2 minutes or more, and can't be refilled with Scavenger except your pistol.
    -Pistol is equipped for emergency weaponry and can be refilled.
    -Armor is the same as the Goliath.
    -Moves slow, but still active in climbing and jumping.
    -Health cannot be regenerated.
    -Blind Eye is equipped to avoid enemy aircraft detection.
    -Armor can be used for other scorestreaks except some like Michael Myers, Predator, Mariachi, etc.

    Winner is:

  3. If you tap the trigger quickly it won't overheat as fast, If you just hold the trigger it will overheat in like 5 seconds but if you tap it really quickly it will overheat in like 30 seconds.

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