And It Only Took Almost 2 Years! – Destiny

Destiny 2

I have no clue why I didn’t do this earlier, but honestly I’m glad I didn’t! Going back through the old maps and strikes was just the nostalgia I needed! 25 days remain and it feels closer than ever, stay on the hype train guys!

Want to be play with me, or even be in one of my videos? If the answer is yes then there are 3 easy steps in doing so!
1.) Subscribe to my channel (unless you already are)
2.) Message me on PSN my username is “ligitness”
3.) And third but most importantly, be prepared to HAVE FUN!

Thank you all for watching and don’t for get to hit that like button, and subscribe to join the Grinding Community!

11 thoughts on “And It Only Took Almost 2 Years! – Destiny

  1. Would you be open to doing a Destiny weapon review? If so, the gun is called "NIFTY_BISCUIT". It's a year 1 rare hand cannon. Sadly, I can't lend my account because I don't play on a PS.

  2. Man, you have almost everything for a good youtuber, good quality, you're funny, speaks loud and clear and with a happy voice. The only thing missing are the subs. But I believe you Will grow very big and if you Will play destiny 2 I believe it for Sure. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Well you are doing so much better than I. I still haven't done this. Forgot all about them really. I will have to go and get them all. Nice job on getting all of them. Keep up the great videos

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