BATTLEFIELD 1: BACK TO BASICS | Classic WWI rifleman mode!

Battlefield 1

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18 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1: BACK TO BASICS | Classic WWI rifleman mode!

  1. If you enjoyed this gamemode, there's a game called Day of Infamy, which is essentially a new and improved (in my opinion) version of Day of Defeat. It is also on source engine but features a far more realistic sense of play. The HUD is very limited, the gameplay is vast and the maps are big, balanced and fun. I recommend checking it out and maybe even trying it out. Should you turn out to like the game, I'd like to see a video about it. Thanks for reading, assuming you did, and have a nice day.

  2. Also, Dave, do you play battlefield on 1440p res? Because your hud is a bit smaller than mine. In hardline there was thing nice thing where you could resize the hud elements to what you preffered, shame it isn't in bf1 or it just doesn't work, because the ui scale factor just doesn't seem to do anything in the game 🙁

  3. this is the first custom game mode that I actually like, all the other previous ones were complete shit, I played like 1 round of each of those and then I never played them again,but I keep returning to this particular game mode. It's very good, although a bit unfair, smle or my personal favourite the m95 is just head and shoulders above the martini henry…

  4. Is the Sniper class useless now? What about assault? Since everyone is using the same rifles, medics and support class have the advantage being medic the one everyone is going to pick.
    I like the idea of not having vehicles, but the way in see it is that other than medics and support, nobody is going to play as a scout or assault.

  5. DICE recently released my favorite custom game mode so far: Back to Basics! This mode breaks things down to classic WWI style with just each army's primary bolt action rifle.

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