Battlefield 1 | Ballroom Blitz Map Tips

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1- Ballroom Blitz is by far and away my favorite map in Battlefield 1. The mix of indoor and outdoor encounters, coupled with the amazing setting, make for some truly incredible moments.

In this video I’m going to be giving you an overview of the map, including is asymmetry, how to perform well at each capture point and little tricks of the trade like closing the courtyard gates to stop vehicles from getting in.

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19 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 | Ballroom Blitz Map Tips

  1. so difficult everything in every game going to be enough for all this community. ….for me quality is servers connection was the more important now everyone complain for snipers , i want play wherever ways i like to do it or specific weapons. …jumping from game to another I'm still reading people doing complain for the others players ways and maybe we are doing something wrong for another player

  2. I also love this map!
    Like he implies; it's got a little bit of everything, if you know where to look.
    A close second fav is the Argonne Forest map, but it lacks vehicles

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