Battlefield 1 History The Hellriegel, The Most Overused Gun Never Used In Combat

Battlefield 1

Me explaining the history of the Hellriegel 1915 SMG and how it works in Battlefield 1.
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35 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 History The Hellriegel, The Most Overused Gun Never Used In Combat

  1. Wow somebody already disliked without even watching the video I would at least like to know why. I am proud to admit I am a Battlefield player that almost never uses this gun. Do you guys think this gun is overused if not why?

  2. This weapon is the most annoying thing in bf1 I rarely ever use assault class let alone the weapon. Mainly a medic. But they should of had the factory have the stick mag and the defensive have the 60 drum when they added the new variants to the lvl 10 class weapons I couldn't believe what Dice did with it because it totally needed a 120 round mag and a bipod. But interesting video nonetheless you should do the Tankgewehr next I'm a big fan of bolt action rifles and why not do the biggest in the game.

  3. What an absolute amazing and great video TheProfessional! Honestly, I watch and like your videos all the time and I'm always satisfied by watching and liking each video. Unfortunately I don't get the time to comment and I do apologise for that. However, keep up the great work! Your YouTube will grow significantly in the future, I believe that.

  4. Fascinating history Professor Pro! A very strange prototype weapon indeed. Those multi kill montage clips were very impressive, you shredded those foes like Colby Jack Cheese on an omelet. Please do continue these "A History With Professor Pro" series. Very interesting historical information to learn from these videos.

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