Battlefield 1: More Silenced Weapon Variants? Balancing Silencers for Battlefield 2018

Battlefield 1

Now that we are getting a silenced sniper (silenced enfield m1917) can we potentially see more added in battlefield 1 ‘s extended life. I look at 2 potential silenced variants (m1911 & c93 pistol) that are currently in bf1 campaign mode. I also discuss how silencers should be reintroduced and balanced in time for battlefield 2018. We all assume that suppressed weapons will be present in the next battlefield game so finding a way to make them more useful and incentivise is essential. What do you think about the silenced pistols and how would you reintroduce/balance silencers?

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6 thoughts on “Battlefield 1: More Silenced Weapon Variants? Balancing Silencers for Battlefield 2018

  1. hey man why is that with me I keep losing my aim day after day I was great at the start then I slowly slowly melt away my skill I am to bulit it not melt it whats going on one day I get 60 kills the other I cant even hit a person body WTf help me man

  2. Being spotted when shooting is one of the worst mechanics imo, I am so glad they removed it in BF1 as it adds a heck alot more skill when trying to out maneuver enemies. The silenced enfield actually has a long range scope but doesn't cause glint and the no sound/flash does certainly help. I think silenced weapons will just feature special statistics & not purely relying on that feature alone.

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