Battlefield 1: MP 18 Review (Weapon Guide) | BF1 Weapons + Guns | MP18 Gameplay

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Battlefield 1 Weapons (BF1): Here’s my MP 18 Weapon Guide/Review, including info, tips for using it best, gun stats + MP18 Gameplay. There’s 3 Variants (Trench, Optical and Experimental) all explained in this guide also. (Battlefield 1 MP18 Gameplay shown)(BF1 Weapons + Guns)

Battlefield 1: MP 18 Review (Weapon Guide) | BF1 MP18 Gameplay

MP18 Optical gameplay, MP18 Experimental Gameplay and MP18 Trench Gameplay all shown in the guide. MP18 BF1 (Best gun tips)

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45 thoughts on “Battlefield 1: MP 18 Review (Weapon Guide) | BF1 Weapons + Guns | MP18 Gameplay

  1. I cringe when people reload the moment they kill someone with like 20 bullets left. I personally use the entire mag or just fire off the remaining rounds (when there are like 3 bullets left) because I want to have 31 rounds at all times.

  2. I changed my optics and altered the recoil on this and I got a better feeling for it after that. I felt it had a tendancy to kick back and pull my sights upwards. After alter the recoil direction to the right it stopped doing that so it became more enjoyable to play with.

  3. just my opinion: maybe put the historical overview of the gun at the end, i'm guessing most people watching just want to hear the actual guide part. great vid otherwise

  4. By the way, the 32 round snail drum wasn't developed for the Bergmann MP18, rather, it already existed for specialised artilary P08 Luger pistols with detachable butt stocks as a pistol-carbine. simply re-purposed for the MP18, you can actually load an 8 round luger magazine into an MP18

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