Battlefield 1 Multiplayer – Part 11 – Joining the Losing Side

Battlefield 1

Who thought it would be a good idea to join the losing side?

In this series, you will see me play the multiplayer of Battlefield 1!

I am playing Battlefield 1 on PC, and if you want it yourself, it’s also avaliable on Xbox One and Playstation 4!

The music in my intro and outro is made by Ross Bugden, itΒ΄s a non copyrighted track, that he lets anyone use.
He makes a ton of professional music, and most if if is completely free and non copyrighted!
Go check out his YouTube channel here:

My intro is made of a free intro template, made by PushedToInsanity, itΒ΄s a free intro template that everyone can use!
PushedToInsanity makes a ton of free intro templates that everyone can use!
Check out the YouTube channel here:

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