Battlefield 4: This Attachment Is Like Cheating | Multiplayer Gameplay

Battlefield 1

The LSAT is extremely good when it comes to medium and long range, therefore it’s probably one of my most favorite LMGs in the game, but to make this gun even better, I decided to put on the FLIR/IR sight because I was struggling to see my targets whom were blended beyond the vegetation of Rogue Transmission. The FLIR/IR sight makes LMGs so good that I could consider it cheating.

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8 thoughts on “Battlefield 4: This Attachment Is Like Cheating | Multiplayer Gameplay

  1. I've really missed the BF4 YT community being hype. Nice to find a channel with this content. The good old days before Hardline and BF1. lmao.

  2. Hey, nice video, thumbs up from me :D!

    Btw, wanna do a 1-3 sub? If you subscribe to me and leave me a comment in one of my video so that I immediately know when u've done it (Youtube analytic lagged so bad), I'll give u 3 back. Guaranteed, just check comment sections on my videos and you'll see ;), though I admit that it might take up to a day.

    Have a nice day :D!

  3. You commented on a choas xsilencer video and randomly clicked on your profile.I really like your thumbnails they are super clean not all this cliclbait bullshit,that emblem is really nice and its simple.I like your commentary not hyped up after every fucking kill,its a simple video,good job man and good luck

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