Best Modern Warfare 3 Player – Expert Help Guide MW3

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Want to get better at MW3? Then watch this expert help guide from the master himself. Epic ownage in this video and you will see why I’m the worlds greatest best MW3 fact I’m the best on any call of duty game for that matter. You can improve your skills by watching this video and become a better player. Don’t leave hate just because you’re jealous 🙂

First Video (Epic ownage)


36 thoughts on “Best Modern Warfare 3 Player – Expert Help Guide MW3

  1. Sorry, but you're not the best. I could  teach some tips on this game , maybe one or two:1- Don't think you're the best if you're not the best. 2-Dude, no onne is going to be jealous of you. You suck.

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