BF3 – PS3 multiplayer – Cheat, or lag?

Battlefield 1

Get dropped in a millisecond by an F2000? This was ridiculous.This was NOT hardcore mode. I was so annoyed at the time, but is this lag, a well placed headshot, or just plain cheating? For the record this guy went 24-0.

10 thoughts on “BF3 – PS3 multiplayer – Cheat, or lag?

  1. What I do in such encounters is to NOT approach a guy like that. You don't have a good angle on him in that situation. Plus with him lagging (which of course you couldn't have known) I would have made a 180 turn, get a better angle to engage him. Cause if he's rushing after you and you can setup another position – you'd had won that 1v1. 🙂 It's a bit harder than I make ut sound of course but not at all impossible.

  2. Probably lag. He has probably spotted you two seconds before you turned yourself towards him, and as you run towards him he has already started shooting, dropping you. And on your screen the whole event plays iut like this! Happened to me a lot. But a lot of times it feels like I've been on the ither end as well – dropping guys before just like this. :-/

  3. Will have a look bro. we joined late and was spawn trapped right off the bat. It was only Windshear, Mr White and myself trying to break out, the rest of our team were dumbasses lol

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