BF4: 514-67 LOCKER ULTIMATE RECORD – Operation locker gameplay – Twitch highlight

Battlefield 1

514-67 LOCKER ULTIMATE RECORD, played on

Round 13: Pistol only round with possibility to unlock all weapons when you get 100 pistol kills, 5 shield bash kills and 1 repair tool kill. The round lasted 1h21min.
A lot of rage and whine moments, but in the end we made it to 514-67.

I will never beat this record, so this one is the ultimate one. Whoever beats this record on the same server, I will buy you a beer and ship it to you!

It speaks for itself that it has to be without cheating…

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21 thoughts on “BF4: 514-67 LOCKER ULTIMATE RECORD – Operation locker gameplay – Twitch highlight

  1. My best times playing BF4 was with a team of my guys I deployed with and Everytime we died we had to drink. Imagine a group of intoxicated veterans in voice chat yelling at each other haha have fun man

  2. Some of you may not realize it but he on the inside he is having fun. I switch from raging on the inside to having fun real quick. That’s how I play as well(cause I got no chill and so as this dude.).

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