BUILD VIDEO: Casting an aluminum SPIKED TRENCH CLUB from Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

I try not make to my videos to long, therefore much of the footage doesn’t used. So I decided to make two videos for my projects. One where I show a quick bild part and the demonstration and the other video will be a more detailed build video.

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45 thoughts on “BUILD VIDEO: Casting an aluminum SPIKED TRENCH CLUB from Battlefield 1

  1. I made one with a shovel handle and a steel tube, i lowed the handle to make the tube fit in It, made some drills and placed some 15 cm Nails, i welded It and its awesome

  2. "Trench club from Battlefield 1" or more accurately "BUILD VIDEO: Casting an aluminum SPIKED TRENCH CLUB that also happened to be used in Battlefield 1."

    Am I the only bothered with "from Battlefield 1" with an object that actually exists that Battlefield 1 just happened to use cause it existed?

    Unless however DICE took it upon themselves to make their own design for the club and the one featured in BF1 is just based on the real thing, but I don't know.

  3. daora esse vídeo se eu fosse fazer uma arma de alumínio iria usar uma forma feita com alginato(não sei se é assim que escreve) mais seria bem mais fácil do que essa forma de areia

  4. I know I'm late, but when you're going at it on the lathe, get some form of vacuum system getting all those wood chips away while you're working on it, not afterwards. Saves you from cleaning up the mess and the fine dust produced won't go into your eyes/lungs even if you wear goggles/dust mask.

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