Bypass Black Ops (1, 2, or 3) Ban (and Other Steam Games) [2018]

Team Fortress 2


Unfortunately, this method will not bypass VAC ban, only publisher bans.
By this method you can bypass a ban from a wide variety of Steam games without re-purchasing the game. In the video, I use this method for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, however this will work with many more games.

If you were banned for something you actually did, please just knock it off.. It’s not worth your own time nor the time of others. Just enjoy the game within the rules.

Quit asking me to add you on Skype; Skype is shit. There are so many better voice communication services out there. TeamSpeak is my choice program, but chances are. If this method doesn’t work, assume your ban is different, in which case I can’t help you and there’s no need for you to talk to me anyway.

I’m not magic, if this doesn’t work, I have no more information for you, and I cannot help you.

This is not patched, this never will be patched, it may not work in your situation, but don’t tell people that it’s patched or won’t work, because it works for others despite not working for you. If you tell somebody that this doesn’t work, when it would’ve, you’ve robbed them of getting back in to their game.

If you’re seeking help in the comments, use understandable grammar and spelling; nobody wants to hire a language interpreter to decipher your non-sense.

21 thoughts on “Bypass Black Ops (1, 2, or 3) Ban (and Other Steam Games) [2018]

  1. Hey, I have an actual question. Not a stupid "PATCHED LIAR!!!" comment. So, I have heard that Vac Banned accounts can not family share Vac-Enabled games. Is that for only Vac Bans? Or does it do that for Game bans too?

    EDIT 1: Fixed Grammar and Spelling

  2. u love zombie cod or other games u should play with me on cod black ops 3 i trying download it with season pass its take a day lol also i got banned from cod ghost from cheat just for gold but i wont do it other cod and vac banned stuff

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