Call of duty 2 multiplayer gameplay part 2

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of duty 2 multiplayer gameplay
map: carentan The saxon fighters
players: 64/64

45 thoughts on “Call of duty 2 multiplayer gameplay part 2

  1. i love how they do constantly things which would mean now being killed right away, plain staying in doors and windows, not covering after shooting, going through the middle of most places…

  2. i have to say that this cod brinks me memories funny ones not like this modern shit games also i hear a lot of people saying that modern warfare destroy everything and i have to say that modern warfare series were the last good cod games and for those who asking in pc that i know servers still open and couple of thousands player still play i have cod4 and now i am going to buy cod2

  3. lol…mp44 is not for the front…thomson/pps is faster…mp44 stay distance follow team like sniper or use rifle or garand…à 50 metres u destroy thomson/pps easy…BAR is better for rush or shot gun ( faster rate of fire ) or shoot gun…mp40 mp44 slow rate fire but accurate …u can have 2 guns…1 rifle + 1 automatic or shoot gun…this game is crazy lol ; lot of luck or not

  4. who say no teamwork in Cod …dont know COD 2…and know other cod ….Cod 2 best team work multi…lol only 35 on the map..not 64..its double crazy /fun/dangerous…real cod is a war…with massive team grillmeat and perfect guns…not modern..shit…saxon crazy server with friendlyfire 85 TK lol…try UN or A2 if u play fine…not same generation..Cod 2 can stress some time but fun than a sad counter/rainbow ( excellent single )

  5. I have a question,is the MP still playable ,do ppl still play this game on MP ?:)
    A longggggggggg time a go ,i had this game on PS2 ,but now i want to buy it for PC ,and i am interesting in MP if it is still playable.

  6. Man idk how u can tell who's on your team or against u. Man treyarch sure has upgrade within the next 6 games. And umm no, ellisthemechanic, mw2 & mw3 r 10 times better than this bc mw2 is more classic and mw3 makes stuff look more modern than looking like the Vietnam war. So u must have terrible taste

  7. True, but the thing about lvl-ing and unlocking new attachtments/perks lit up a spark in an already good series.

    Problem is that Activition relies only on perks/unlocks instead of adding new ideas.

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