Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Improve YOUR Aim! (Call of Duty HOW TO IMPROVE Tips & Tricks)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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33 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Improve YOUR Aim! (Call of Duty HOW TO IMPROVE Tips & Tricks)

  1. I agree with the sensitivity tip. True, slower sens can give you head on targets, BUT you are more likely to have a least amount of chance looking around fast enough to get another opponent. I go with 6-7 sensitivity.

  2. Since modern warfare 4 i've struggled to aim i struggle to get killstreaks i need the right teacher the right guidance just once i would like a 10 killstreak i high killstreak

  3. If your looking at the comments before your watching this vid just leave he is only level 27 and gives you tips you should already be doing and then tries to tell you to burst fire at range but he was using the asm1 witch you should not be even engaging (not sure if I spelled that wright) at long range with and for that matter with any smg and most assault rifles are pretty accurate at range so you do not need to burst fire plus he says if you are hitting your targets consistently to bump up your sensitivity which you should not do because if you are doing good why change and be bad. So to wrap this up this video is complete garbage unless you just bought you thing to play cod today.

  4. It worked. I applied everything in the lesson and it boosted my skill up a bit. My k/d went up, I leveled about 8 times in one match, (from lvl 1 '1st prestige.') To lvl 8 and pissed a couple people off lol. Heard someone talking SHIT in the lobby Lmfao. I'm better than I've ever been now.
    I play hardpoint on Xbox one.
    Gt: XxCl0ud09xX
    Thanks again:)

  5. Thank you so much. Ive just recently gotten half decent at this game, prestiging for my first time ever in a call of duty game. I've been doing fine but I never really got the concept of aiming so I'd see the enemy before he saw me, but id always die cuz I couldn't aim even if you asked me to hit an enemy at point blank range. So I just saw this video, and I'm about to apply the lesson. I'll comment again to let you know how it goes.:p
    Here goes nothing….

  6. What helped my aim was obviously use the red dot scope or the scopes that highlight your enemy red. Then use a suppressor. That makes it to where when your shooting the scope doesn't go out of control. Then I put my sensitivity to like 4 or 5. Hope this helped.

  7. The drill is pretty much just warming up I think another good drill would be using a pistol cause you have to have great aim to get kills with one and when you switch back to an full auto it will seem like nothing

  8. I would like Tips and Tricks as to How to get you Greedy ass holes to put dedicated servers in this game, With all of the god damn money you earn from people buying this game you should have more then enough.  Hell What are you overpaying the stupid Developers? All they fucking do is copy the came Engine,Graphics,Guns,Coding over and over and over again never doing anything new never learning how to do shit which is why they keep making shit each year

  9. He forgot one critical thing…. sit like a bitch with your gun scoped in in the back of the map and don't move untill someone who's actually playing the game comes running by then without moving just hold the trigger down… but that just call of duty 101

  10. This was such an a extremely helpful video and I have learnt quite a bit more from watching this that I didn't already know, for example I had no idea what Centering was until now. Thanks a lot Benny, you have probably helped out a hell of a lot of people out there because of this. I appreciate it!

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