Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Mission *Hidden* on Hardened, Solo. MW2 COD Xbox 360

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Hey there people! Badseed here here with run through on the MW2 Spec Ops Mission “Hidden”.

I done this years ago in CO-OP on regular difficulty.
Decided to give it a go Solo On Hardened difficulty.

Took me a while as i had no idea where the enemy Snipers were or how many there was etc.

Pretty tough mission to do Solo and making your way through the level was (not knowing where enemies were) was pretty tough.

Anyway after some pretty good Sniping, 1 on 1 battles and some real hairy moments, i finally made it through the mission.

Man i was glad i reached the end. lol

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18 thoughts on “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Mission *Hidden* on Hardened, Solo. MW2 COD Xbox 360

  1. There's A Lot of Spetsnaz Elite Mercenaries, And Ghille Snipers everywhere in Ukraine, Elite Mercenaries got the AK-47 Assault Rifles, TAR-21 Assault Rifles, F2000 Assault Rifles, P-90 Sub Machine guns, M1014 Semi Automatic Shotguns, Striker Semi Automatic Shotguns, PP2000 Machine Pistol, G-18 Machine Pistol, and Ghille Snipers got WA2000 Sniper Rifles, and USP-45 Silenced Pistol with a Knife and Ghille snipers Hide in the Grass hidden somewhere and hard to find but look at the scope flash, if they go up then shoot them,they camo in the grass so it's perfect for them to hide, Elite Mercenaries have camo unit forms to go on patrol but they Elite infantry unit it's perfect for them in spring and summer.

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