Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3: All Sniper Rifles + Commentary

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Every Sniper Rifle in the new game Call Of Duty MW3

17 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3: All Sniper Rifles + Commentary

  1. @TheFerret1000 Glad they didn't bring back the R700. I kept thinking in CoD4 I'd go to shoot it and it'd blow up in my face. Such a badly designed rifle.

  2. @YoMamaEFaaat lol. thats why you subscribed tho… and idc about my commentary. if i did i would put effort into it. all im doing is expressing my opinion about things in the game and letting you know what i learned so far about guns while playing it. aint my fault you a hater tho.

  3. @YoMamaEFaaat lol. dont watch it then… or if you want, hop on mw3 and record the guns and do a better commentary so everybody doesnt have to listen to mine… and i havent seen any better videos on youtube… not to mention the ones i did on bops got 500k views. but like i said, no ones forcing you to watch. you watch them cause you know that they have everything you need to know in them and there arent any better on youtube. with that being said… go kill yourself.

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