Call Of Duty: WW2 Best Class Setup – Type 100 BLUE SKY Multiplayer Gameplay! COD WW2 Tips And Tricks

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Can We Get 50,000 LIKES! World War 2 Best Class Setup COD World War 2 Best Division Setups in World War 2 Best Class Setups gameplay! In this video I show the Top 5 Best Division Setups COD WW2 Best Class Setups SUBSCRIBE for more Best Class Setups and Division Setups on all the BEST Call of Duty World War 2 Weapons! Best Everything ww2 tips, i got you!!! SUBSCRIBE EVERYBODY SUBSCRIBE!!!!

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28 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: WW2 Best Class Setup – Type 100 BLUE SKY Multiplayer Gameplay! COD WW2 Tips And Tricks

  1. Hope you guys enjoy the video and remember it's easy to avoid all the betty spam in the lobbies thanks to Worms video, just pick up a scuf controller make sure you use cod THUNDER link to scuf in the description and you should be good go! lol

  2. this game is pure shit … been away from cod since blops 2, but decided to pick this up bc of black friday sale … hitmarker after hitmarker/teleporting lag, and constant campers (i can't believe people still play sitting in corners and crouch walking like pussies) … could have been such a great game with the ww2 theme, but as always the cod community and awful servers ruins the franchise again … back to destiny

  3. "It's too campy, get flanked from everywhere" It's 1 or the other Thunder. If they're camping, they're not moving around to flank you and if they're flanking, they're not camping. Keep on bitching. I can't stand the quickscope head shots. You should have to have the weapon scoped up fully to fire it. Nobody goes out with a sniper and hip fires or quick pops, let alone get head shots. Next time you guys go hunting try it, let me know how you do. I want to see a video of someone quick scoping a deer from 50 yds.

  4. Honestly I don't see how sniping is overpowered lol. I've rarely been quick scoped. And I'm just as good at quick scoping on this game as I was on any other cod. I'm all ears if people have a nerd idea, but I'm not sure what the nerf would be? They already took away snipers scoping in at center.

  5. After a match anyone in a party with someone couldn’t see their progress or unlocks or anything. Couldn’t edit classes, couldn’t go to the headquarters. You just sit and look at a black screen until the next match

  6. What's wrong with primed? it's like saying "all these guys running toughness" in BO2, I think the game is almost unplayable without it, given the amount of head glitching and prone camping there is

  7. Bruh. Ok so one video you have sweats and mlg style gameplay sbmm, another you're killing it and earning paratroopers, talking about chopper gunners. So tell me how exactly you're sweating so much. Lmao get real bro. I'm about to unsubscribe to you, you can fool all these youngsters

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