COD: Advanced Warfare – “ATLAS 20mm” BEST SNIPER CLASS SETUP! (COD: AW Best Sniper Class Setup)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Atlas20mm Best Class Setup in Advanced Warfare will DEFINITELY help you when it comes to quickscoping and sniping in Advanced Warfare! Drop a “LIKE” and enjoy!
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The Atlas 20mm Sniper Rifle in Advanced Warfare is no doubt the BEST Sniper to use, especially when qucikscoping. It is very effective out all ranges, very accurate and will always get you the one shot kill. We hope you find the Atlas 20mm Best Class Setup useful!

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25 thoughts on “COD: Advanced Warfare – “ATLAS 20mm” BEST SNIPER CLASS SETUP! (COD: AW Best Sniper Class Setup)

  1. I'm an aggressive sniper. I use Atlas 20mm Carnage with stock and Extended mags. No scorestreaks, and no secondary weapon.

    My perks: Lightweight and Flak Jacket, Blind Eye and Cold-blooded, Toughness and ofcourse, Hardwired cus people use system hack like that all the time.

  2. I love watching sniping videos. Especially when I see bad kids bitching about quickscoping and having no idea what the fuck they're talking about. (cough +Ownage inc. cough) Aim assist this, easy that, blah blah blah. All guns have aim assist on them, snipers having the least amount. These kids don't even know what aim assist IS. It doesn't auto aim, it slightly slows down your aim when you hover over a target. It won't make you be accurate, it's just going to help you be 1% more accurate if that. People make sniping videos with 0 aim assist, and people still bitch about snipers. Fucking retards with your MGs, get good please.

  3. 10+ kg. Anti-Material rifle  .50 cal (Barrett in MW) , .408 (Intervention MW2)
    quick scoping   is not enough

    20mm Anti-Tank rifle  quick scoping
     and with power of EXO  , boost jump and quick scope like crazy
    is more badass  lol

  4. I'm sorry but sniping is annoying and it's very easy in this game. since the aim assist is insane in this game it's very annoying and yes I am good and I'm not an inexperienced complainer. And why a best class setup with a sniper lol pub stomping usually means spawn trapping with a weapon that take more that one shot to kill with and me personally would like to see a best class setup for the ASM1 or an smg of sorts because the SMG are awesome in this game in my opinion even though they all need a little buffing. This is not a hate comment it's just a opinion comment. Also for you sniper out there I hate the 12 year old want to be FaZe clan fan boys and not the actual good snipers like 9lives (even though he is annoying) and FaZe Rain because the want to be 12 year olds I face I start pow bing them then they swap over to a sniper rifle and get host pro quick scopes. Literally AW is ingested with want to be snipers because one game I went 45 and 23 and all my death were to snipers, and every death was a momentum killer because you just drop any your like WTF and then you watch the kill cam and all you see is BLOOP. I want to see some snipers comment on this and I want them to argue with me because I can snipe and the only game it's hard in is BO1 and if you can snipe in bo1 your good and have all rights to snipe.

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