COD: Advanced Warfare – Atlas Campaign Armor Unlock

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

How to get the “Atlas Campaign Armor” for use in Advance Warfare’s multiplayer. — Watch live at

43 thoughts on “COD: Advanced Warfare – Atlas Campaign Armor Unlock

  1. Upgrade your skill trees in campaign by using your upgrade tokens.
    If you unlock one part of a skill tree you get ONE piece of armour. I have yet to complete all of it as I need 2 more intel to get the FINAL piece which is the helmet, it comes last.

    Iirc I got the Exoskeleton (white and red) on my first skill tree.
    Next was gloves
    And the final piece will be the helmet. 

    If you only have intel to get you can find the intel locations here:

    Goodluck everyone!

  2. I beat the campaign three times and fully upgraded the exo all those three times and got SUPPLY DROPS W/NOTHING IN THEM WTF!!! Please help!

  3. What do I do if my account isn't Xbox live and I can't go online to open the supply drops. I've beaten the game on veteran and unlocked all the exo abilities and completed every challenge but nothing will show up in my customizations! Not even veteran helmet 3:

  4. Can someone help? i maxed out my exo on campaign on normal mode and it said i got supply drops but when i went to multiplayer i never got them!!!!! someones plz help :I

  5. Everyone! I've just finished speaking to other people with the same problem and I have found out how to unlock the gear if you have had the same problem as me! Basically all you need to do is complete the campaign on 2 different difficulties than, if not already worked, play the first MISSON again on any difficultie! Btw remember to of upgraded your entire Exo first! Any problems just tell me!

  6. So I didn't get the pants I got everything done but they never game me the pants any ideas ? No if you have any ideas comment please it would help me a lot

  7. so if we already unlocked everything for campaign then how the hell are we supposed to get the rest of the armor if we didnt get full armor set? Cuz i got some armor and some guns, and the worst part is its guns that i dont even like nor ever use. I maxed out my exo, im about to beat the game on veteran difficulty to see if thatll do anything

  8. I was playing Exo Survival and when I maxed the Armor and Proficiency stats it told me I had a Supply Drop. I went to look after I died and I had these gloves and helmet. I think it may just be reaching any sort of milestone outside of campaign awards you with the pieces but Campaign will guarantee you get the set. 

    Anyway, I enjoyed you video man. You've got a new sub. Keep up the good work.

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