COD Advanced Warfare: MULTIPLAYER WISHLIST! Maps, Killstreaks, Health & Co-Op (Call of Duty AW)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Wishlist! 😀
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Here is my wishlist of all the main things I want to see in the cod advanced warfare multiplayer and the most important features to a good multiplayer online experience including maps, killstreaks, health, radar, weapon camos and a co-op mode! Leave a comment with what you really want to see in the advanced warfare multiplayer mode and give the video a like if you enjoyed it! 😀

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32 thoughts on “COD Advanced Warfare: MULTIPLAYER WISHLIST! Maps, Killstreaks, Health & Co-Op (Call of Duty AW)

  1. i honestly don't like the constant uav spamming -_- especially because there was no way to counter it unless you had a rocket launcher or a counter uav. glad they were changed to sat coms. well thats just my opinion. :/

  2. My wishlist is:
    1- Small-Medium maps, and maybe one or two larger ones for snipers
    2-More Hardcore gamemodes, i play hardcore all the time and now theres only 4 games, kc, tdm,s&d and dom, also when you die you don't have to wait 15 seconds to play again, thats rubbish
    3-Lots of good looking camos at the start of the game, not dlc.
    4-Alot more guns that are actually good, mw3 everyone used mp7, ghosts everyone uses honeybadger, its the same every time! Make more guns, where people don't know what to go for
    And finally 5- NO IEDS!!!!!

  3. Yeah no Zombies.. That's Treyarch. I would say combine Special Ops with Cyborgs like a Terminator kinda thing. Then at like round 10 when juggernaut comes on MW3 it's those big suited up guys with mini gun hands. Something like that would be different but unique.

  4. Chrome camo would be a nice change from gold camo. Or maybe a camo that makes your gun kinda clear so you can see the insides of your gun shot out bullets and stuff. Just a thought 😂

  5. Classic Urban combat Good for long and short range fights. Fun for all game modes.Fast paced, close quarter action.Fast paced action both inside and out.  Fight to control the center. Narrow streets bring hectic, close encounters.Fast and frantic action  Epic large battles.Classic street to street firefights Tactical street fights abound Fight from all angles. Great for any number of players. Urban city fighting. In and out of apartments close range engagements,Great vertical gameplay Great for all game modes.Good balance of medium to long range fighting.
    edit: mostly small medium inside a city with multiply stories and good close quarter combat with a few long range streets.(Down Turn MW3 is good example of what iam talking about)


  6. Dedicated Server like the bitches at IW promised but didnt do and a diamond type camo where if you get a category of weapons gold you get a shiny chrome camo thatd be legit

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