CoD Advanced Warfare: ”OverKill” Live (Call of duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Video Uploaded By HollowPoiint

23 thoughts on “CoD Advanced Warfare: ”OverKill” Live (Call of duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay)

  1. Great vid man! Looks like an earlier vid since at the end it showed you were just reaching first prestige. Hahaha super intense you barely spoke during that game play. Great job man

  2. Mr. Hollow going beast mode again😝👊amazing stuff. Just saying, I'm surprised you have 11k subs now. With your channel, I think you should have way more than 11k. You should well have like 30k or even more. I guess some people have their heads up their ass, cuz if they ain't watching your videos, they stupid💪

  3. Great gameplay just wanted to say I've been watching and commenting on every vid a while now and liking so your vids are amazing cause I come back to watch every day

  4. Hey hollow I love yo vids <3 I was wondering how in the world do you manage to do so good? I'm not bad or anything I'm like a god at most of the cods but aw doesn't work for me I get on and just rage all the time because I get turned on and people just molest me and 3 shot me with the asm1 and it's really. Freaking. Retarded. So I want to know how? How do you manage to do so good?

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