DC Universe Online: St Patrick 2017

Team Fortress 2

This video contains 2 seasonal runs, one on villain side and one on hero in an attempt to get all varieties of the pots o’ gold nodes.

00:00 – Intro
02:15 – Villain Path Start
06:36 – Race (flight)
14:00 – Vendor Items (2017)
18:40 – Hero Path Start

1 thought on “DC Universe Online: St Patrick 2017

  1. Biggest issue is having players run over and spam the pots.. Even end game leveled players, I watched as one guy only got 2 coins from doing it, I sent him a tell saying "It's best to only hit it a few times to get the most coins from each one." He sent back "STFU"

    Anyhow, I'm running this on 16 characters, most I've ever done. One pretty much only to buy the collection for my main, one just for the Mister Mxyzptlk base item for my main, and the rest for items for my main and to save and sell later. 😀

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