Destiny 2 Beta HWATW Ep. 505 (Gaming News)

Destiny 2

Well it’s that time again so grab some popcorn as I’ll tell ya some gaming news our first story is according to moreconsole n unknownplayer for destiny 2 news from Saturday n Sunday not only some D2 beta users on Xbox are reporting of rare blue loot dropping in the beta as well as a blue Engram that now glows as well as the highest light level so far is a rocket launcher thus the current light level in the D2 beta will be higher at launch as well as a Blue Suros auto rifle with void damage n although the image from it is from Destiny 1 it’s a placeholder image for now until the full game as well but according to Arekkz Unknownplayer ign moreconsole n my name is byf for destiny 2 news on Monday ign showcase some public activities on Nessus like a Lost Section showcase with a treasure chest with a Lost Section icon on it as well as Adventures, pubic events and world quests but most interestingly is Flashpoints a weekly event that when completed will drop white Engrams as Prestigious Gear as nightfall teir rewards as well as Cayde will be selling treasure maps for Flashpoints as well as a farmable material called Data Lattice was spotted as well etc etc overall which overall is pretty cool if u asked me n u can check out moreconsole n unknownplayer for destiny 2 news from Saturday/Sunday n ign moreconsole my name is byf unknownplayer n Arekkz for more details on Monday destiny 2 news our next story is according to gameinformer apparently The Sims 4 for consoles was rumored to be delayed or canceled for a long time but today the wait might finally be over because a Microsoft store page listed The Sims 4 Dexlue Party Edition for Xbox one on November 16th, 2017 which for now take it with some salt n u can check out Gameinformer for more details our next story is according to gamingbolt not only Take-Two might be teasing Borderlands 3 but apparently a Microsoft excu said that they’re working on improving the UI for Xbox one X as well as 3rd party webcam support etc overall n u can check out gamingbolt for more details our next story is according to Pretty Good Gaming apparently the Pokemon Go Fest that was host recently didn’t work out overall with long lines, connectively issues since the servers were overloaded, lag, and fans wasn’t happy with booing n angry chants which overall is crazy if u asked me n u can check out Pretty Good Gaming for more details our last story is according to The Know not only preorders for the SNES Classic at Walmart was up, n then was down due to a website error n some orders was canceled as well n Xbox one X preorders are coming soon since FCC Approvals are done n a analyst suggested that PUBG on Xbox one will outsell every ps4 exclusive content even Japanese games as well n Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has beaten Splatoon 2 for the #1 spot in the UK n although Take-Two has high hopes for RDR2 they think it won’t be as big success as GTA V numbers (80 million units) overall n BOTW has a multiplayer Mod over on PC as of right now n Agents of Mayham has leaked the game’s sex tape for marketing reasons (literally) n the Comic-Con trailers like Justice League, ReadyPlayerOne, Stranger Things, etc etc was released n a rumor is going around that Ben Affleck might not be in the upcoming Batman overall but apparently the Fall update for Windows Creators Update will be removing it iconic feature Microsoft Paint ever since its introduction back in 1985 after 32 years of being part with Windows overall n u can check out the know for more details well that’s all the news for tonight until then I’ll see ya in the next episode of hangout with a talkin whale
The footage was recorded from the Xbox one twitch app any sound music etc belong to their rightful owners and fair used
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