DESTINY 2 NEWS | 80+ Missions, New Energy Gear Abilities, Exotic Armor Perks & Nightstalker Hint?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – HUGE NEWS LEAK! – 80+ Missions & Quests, New Energy Gear Capabilities, Nightfall & Activity Timers, New Perks & Possible Nightstalker Hint!
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43 thoughts on “DESTINY 2 NEWS | 80+ Missions, New Energy Gear Abilities, Exotic Armor Perks & Nightstalker Hint?

  1. 80+ missions is vague, how many are main missions, how many are side missions, adventures? Strikes? Public events? Exotic quests? Patrols? 80 isn't very much really, because missions in destiny can mean many things. If it's 80 main missions, side missions and adventures, i'd be very happy. But if it's as many things as above i will be very disappointed.

  2. 80 missions? I think I'll have to stick with one character then, 'cause I ain't going through the campaign 3 times in a row again. I really don't care about the story enough to justify wasting my time like that. I wish there would be an option to just skip all the story missions after doing them once on one character, this is ridiculous. I honestly hope that was a mistake.

  3. LAME! locked loadouts and timed nightfalls? that is stupid. some of us play alone and dont want to join a clan. had I not wasted my money on this already I wouldn't be so annoyed.

    the more I hear about destiny 2 the more I dislike it.

  4. Keep up the excellent reporting on D2 content Houndish! You're always a reputable source and my go-to for new info. Not too many spoilers, but just sound info enough to keep the hype train cruising towards September 6th….! Thanks for the time you put into it.

    -Shnarfdog (On PS4 & Xbox One)

  5. Houndish – I must say you have become my favorite destiny YouTuber. Your videos are fun, informative, and to the point. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Thanks houndish great vid I'm glad bungie seems to be listening to the feedback and changing things also glad to hear there is plenty of content on launch feeling more hopeful now 😀

  7. 80+ missions isn't bad. GTA 5 had 79 main story missions and those came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 first.
    The average mission length is about 20 to 30 minutes depending, some can be shorter or longer so that would be about 26ish hours of gaming straight.

  8. Houndish thx for always bringing us the latest news! im just happy to hear what to me sounds like possibly a buff to the hunter class. Hopefully it's a buff to the class ability somehow to make it more useful to the team. we'll see 🙂

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