Destiny 2: OREWING’S MAUL Iron banner weapon review -Why is it so inconsistent…….

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: OREWING’S MAUL Iron banner weapon review -Why is it so inconsistent………

Iron banner dropped and with it came three new weapons to add to the arsenal, and one of them was the Orewing’s Maul. A grenade Launcher that resides in the single magazine type, with some ecent blast radius and really good velocity. but will this make these type of grenade launcher useful???

Probably not, but we might have fun using it!!!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Destiny 2: OREWING’S MAUL Iron banner weapon review -Why is it so inconsistent…….

  1. Pair this weapon with a kinetic and/or energy weapon that has quickdraw. Shoot this at the enemy's feet (forget the one-shot kill, it's properly a gamble) and switch, to take advantage of the status effects AND the "reloads while holstered" perk. It really turns other guns OP (anything that has quickdraw).

  2. It's one thing to feel disconcerting about something, such as a weapon in game that fails on all levels and under performs but it's something else when the players fail to use the weapon as it was expected and falsely give it a bad reputation. This weapon requires skill, tactics, and preemptive thought in order to use it to it's fullest capabilities unlike such weapons that require absolutely no skill or talent such as the Legend of Acrius or Sins of the Past. Orewing's Maul is great for what it is designed to do, and that is to be a crowd control weapon in pvp or even pve. There are many locations/rooms on maps where the enemy team can hold up and for the attacking team to funnel through a choke point or a kill box, turning them into cannon fodder and if the enemy team is also has use of high ground or a corner where you have to come around a corner to enter a room before you can see the target, well you're dead. The Orewing's Maul was built to fire a round off the wall, corner, or ceiling and place your round within the room. Now these grenade launchers are not built to kill everyone in one hit, they were given perks to stun them, allowing you and your team time to enter the room and clear it of hostiles while their screens are blinded from either "Concussion Grenade" or "Blinding Grenade". This is why this arch type of Grenade Launcher has the highest Velocity and highest Blast Radius, to ensure that you will be able to perform this "swat-esque" maneuver. As a gamer and a player of this game, it's disheartening that players are so consumed with TTK of a weapon, that they fail to see that some weapons were not designed with TTK in mind, but built to be used in a team format or to be used in a format that gave the player other tactical advantages other than a big explosion. Sadly, that's what we get from the current generation, they rather instant gratification with the least amount of work, enter The Sins of the Past or Legend of Acrius.

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