Destiny 2 Q&A w/ Bungie | CROSS PLATFORM Saves, TICK RATE, PC & Console FPS, Ranked PLAYLIST & MORE

Destiny 2

There is a lot of things we all want to know about Destiny 2, A new game launching always brings old players back to see what is new and changes that will be coming. There was a Q&A Held with A couple Workers from Bungie that got some answers that alot of us have been wondering. ENJOY!!
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With Destiny 2 finally coming to PC for the first time, alot of us have been wondering if the game allows for any crosssaving or having the ability to transfer characters so you dont have to start over. Unfortunately
Bungie has pretty much confirmed that there will be no save transfer between the PC and console versions of Destiny 2 or vise versa with ps4 and xbox 1.
The question that was asked is if players were going to be locked into the platforms they choose to play on, and the Destiny 2 art director Mike Zak simply replied, “Yes. Hopefully, you’re going to find a platform where you’ve got friends and stick to that one, If you don’t, you can use our new Guided Games system for clans to make new friends”
Destiny 2 is is going to be 30fps on the consoles. But like I said in yesterdays video 30fps is not that big of a deal when it comes to crucible and how the trading works, that has much more to do with the tickrate which has yet to be announced, the only time 30fps becomes an issue atleast for me is when i finish playing a game running at over 100fps on PC then move to a game running at 30 it makes me feel a slight dizzyness for about 30 minutes until i adjust, i realize 60fps would make the game look better, but lets use horizon zero dawn as an example, that game is 30fps and it looks beautiful. The PC version is able to run at what ever your PC can handle, the frame rate is uncapped and you have the ability to run it at 4k. So if you want to play Destiny 2 on PC at 144 [fps] and your rig will handle it, it’ll do that just fine.
Which leads into the next thing being a question about weather you will need a beastly pc to play destiny 2. this is what was said
Will you require a really super, hot rig to play Destiny 2?
and the answer was………..
No, no, no. So, we’re not announcing a min spec or recommended spec today. We’ll talk about that in the future. But no, you absolutely won’t have to buy the latest and greatest hardware to be able to play the game and have a fun, quality experience.
another question asked was
With Destiny 1 multiplayer, there were some issues with latency because of its low tick rate “which i just mentioned”. And most PC gamers demand very tight latency in multiplayer games. Have you taken any extra steps with the PC version to facilitate that?
which got a reply stating
We’ve done a bunch of stuff overall. We’ve heard that across the board, so we have looked at our tech and tried to figure out “okay, where can we optimize, how can we reduce that.” So there is new tech coming, but I would say that, at the moment, it’s not specifically geared toward PC. But again, we have things we are doing to kind of get to the last push, so we’re very cognizant of those issues and we’re definitely trying to deliver the best experience possible.
as far as the tick rate goes
I would say that, today, we don’t have a good answer for that, meaning we’re not talking about the server side of things at this time. I can tell you that we have had conversations and we’re aware of—we try really hard to listen to the community and hear what their concerns are, and we try to take those and turn those into the plans.
One thing to keep in mind with all the things we just went over is that Destiny 2 is not going to have dedicated servers. So I am really hoping that Destiny 2 does end up recieving the ranked playlist they we have all been asking for

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  1. Was a really long interview so I didnt mention everything. But I recorded my screen if you would like to pause video at anytime if something catches your eye you want to read <3

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