Destiny 2 – Skyburners Oath Exotic Scout Rifle! Is this the best Exotic for the raid?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s New Exotic Scout “Skyburner’s Oath” might just be one of the best weapons for the upcoming raid! It has special perks that are specialised for fighting the Cabal, including extra damage vs Cabal & the ability to over-penetrate Cabal Phalanx’s Shields!
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43 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Skyburners Oath Exotic Scout Rifle! Is this the best Exotic for the raid?

  1. This gun rocks for Cabal killing, and dope at shooting enemies across the map like a sniper for those crits, just have a dope auto rifle like Origin Story to switch to and use when ur closer in battle and theres no Cabal around. Altho its kinda hard for me to trade this exotic against the amazing Rocket Launcher i bought from Xur

    Anyone know the name of that awesome Rocket Launcher that looks like a beehive at the front? Big sphere with the holes? Should i equip that or this scout rifle?

  2. Get a life man. The amount of time you spend on the Destiny universe seriously cannot be healthy. I mean Christ, how many videos can you make about the same exact thing…

  3. One thing that should be noted is that this gun has no damage falloff as far as i can tell, ads or not. I went to the exodus black spawn point on Nessus and fired at enemies as far as i could and they took the same amount of damage as enemies right in my face. I compared this to the Mida and at a similar range the Mida's damage was halved while having a range pretty darn close the the skyburner's. Yes, i tried this with ads AND hip-fire and both resulted in no damage falloff. Thought that was worth noting.

  4. I have this weopon and I can say it is really handy for most of the campaign and other things however unlike the coldheart it isn't very satisfying to kill with (just my opinion) have a good day! 🙂

  5. the gun is trash xD
    nameless midnight is a legendary scout that
    *shoots faster
    *still does more damage per shot due to explosive payload
    *most importantly ISNT AN EXOTIC bungo please get some balancing in there
    there is literally no reason to use this gun, that also counts for graviton lance…why tf would i want to rely on the last shot to do the same damage a regular pulse does…

  6. I wish the bullets were those big ass fuck rpg bullets that the cabal use as ammo. Not this fucking weak straw ammo. WtF BuNGIE wE GOt JuKKeD aGa1N. I w1ll ca!1 micROSOFT on u. my suGeR DaDDEH Is Bill GatES.

  7. Has anyone else just been blown away by D2's soundtrack? Especially that second mission where you don't have your light. Man, hit me right in the feels. Definitely one of the more memorable gaming moments for me.

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