Destiny 2 The Colony Review – I FINALLY GOT IT GUYS!!! this is..well just watch. best PVP mayham gun

Destiny 2

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The Consouls

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Insaneintherainmusic – Carlos Eiene

Hi guys this is TinoC

I’m going to be completely honest. I’ve been copying/pasting the same description for the last 7 months. I may change some words because I’m using a “replace all” trigger…oops, my bad.

I hope you beautiful people enjoy my videos. If you want to subscribe to my channel “feel free to smash that button.” “how many times have you heard that” seriously? Hit that like button. I don’t want to be that guy… drop me a like because you enjoyed the videos and not because I told you so. I’m really not sure if you’re still reading this, but if you are know that there are more videos to come.

You guys rock and to be completely transparent I’m probably going to copy and paste this for the next several months.

I work a nine to five and have barely time to do this. Love you all! Thanks for the support!

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If you actually got this far reading this description I commend you!… You truly are a gentlemen and a scholar. Unless you’re a women than you’re a……Lady. that’s all I got. I mean what is the opposite of gentleman. I mean, gentlewomen? **upward inflection*** that…sounds… Inaccurate. But what do I know; you could be a jerk that just stole some poor kids bicycle. But I’m betting you’re probably a good person.. Don’t steal bikes. That is just rude.

My D1 fans know about this: “those hundred rock!”

Just start the comments with: “I’d like to dedicate a shot to:”
And it could be anything but please be respectful. I am not going to allow comments like “I’d like dedicate a shot to killing babies and smashing puppies” because that is just outright sick. Come on guy? Don’t be that troll.

Acceptable dedications:
Example 1:
Hey Tino, I’d like to dedicate a shot to world peace… bacon grease… and, you think of something…
shot out to Trials of the nine: Just did a 360, double jump, ultra combo, back flip multi kill, killing spree, “buzz word”, 22 kill streak main-ing only the tickling kitty *cough fighting lion* …(Because I enjoy reading those comments.. I’m a destiny fan like you.)

Seriously below are just stupid keywords I would randomly change to get ranked up. Some youtube video said this would help so…”Again being completely transparent.” To be honest I don’t know if listing these terms in the description is actually helping me get ranked “but what ev”

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