Destiny 2 – Trials Of The Nine Carries St Jude Donations!!!!

Destiny 2

PSN gamer tag is Zacheriah206
Proud member of the most exclusive clans around: Bravery!
Free raffles for Trials of the Nine carries Saturday-Tuesday! (Japan Time)
Account recoveries are done Saturday-Tuesday! (Japan Time)
Donation runs are only on Sunday! (Japan Time)
Donation link:
All donations will continue to help my stream and channel grow as well as providing giveaways.

About Myself: My name is Zacheriah Richards and I’m 21 years old! I’m married to the love of my life, Amayrani Roque Gonzalez! I’m in the United States Army and are currently stationed in Japan. We have two cats, Chibi (which means small in Japanese) and Delilah! Chibi is a gray cat, while Delilah is orange and white! I aspire to become a scientist, I love Chemistry. I will stay up and get no sleep if it means taking somebody flawless! If you have any more questions about me, please don’t be afraid to ask when I’m streaming!

2 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Trials Of The Nine Carries St Jude Donations!!!!

  1. I'll donate for a Carrie our card clear this weekend add mjenkins on ps4 I can hold my own and team shoot I'm 32 I'm an old head counting on the young bucks lol

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