Destiny 2: Warlock Dawnblade Firebird PVE Build

Destiny 2

The return of build guides has arrived so lets start it all off with a Dawnblade Warlock build for PVE. I hope you enjoy the build a couple tips for this build would be to keep in mind that it takes a fair amount of practise to be good with the build. Using a Scout rifle and Auto rifle combo works really well with this build.

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12 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Warlock Dawnblade Firebird PVE Build

  1. Fun build, but I don't think it would be practical for endgame content. You end up being an open target. Purely for fun/style points. Also, might want to work on balancing the volume of the game. Game volume was much too high.

  2. Dawn seems so weak compared to the other warlock subclasses. They should change that float thing to stay active for as long as you’re landing hits not just precision. Might make it more fun

  3. This build is great with cold heart you can literally float till the mag is gone. I don't use it in pvp tho so I don't just stop in midair it seems harder for them to kill me if I'm gliding

  4. I tried this build with the event where you have to kill the big ass Servitor. Pretty awesome, you can easily land those precision shot all the time right in the center of the Servitor and you just float there like a god. lol

    Sorry for my bad English. XD

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