Destiny House of Wolves: Grimoire Score and Tips on How to Max It Out

Destiny 2

Grimoire score…doesn’t really mean much right now. BUT, it COULD mean something in the future, which is why you should try to keep up with your grimoire now before it gets too late. Max Grimoire score is low now and will be moderately easy to keep up with in the future. Plus, y’all keep telling me how bored you are, so here you go.

Links: (DOWN RIGHT NOW, SORRY, try as well!),,

Queen Targets:

HoW Ghosts:

Mars Ghosts:

Moon/Venus Ghosts:

Earth Ghosts: (Think I’m missing 1 or 2 here.)

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36 thoughts on “Destiny House of Wolves: Grimoire Score and Tips on How to Max It Out

  1. is there a way to get the grimoire points of the fallen named targets from house of wolves now??? petra doesn't have the bounties anymore and I need 1 last card :/

  2. Grimore score isn't really "useless" if you look through the app, it does give you a very minor ( not game changing) buff depending on the type of card. Like for example if you have a certain amount of hand cannon cards, you get a little buff to hand cannon experience gain.

  3. datto omg I just found this in the destinystatus website I was scrolling down in the grimoire section and then I found the fate of all fools and it says card not obtainable "yet"

  4. It's funny to me that everyone can't get either the mercury or rumble wins card, I had both of them done before I even cared about grimoire, only thing left for me to do is grind public events 🙁 I still have 40 left. I'd much rather win 40 rumble games again haha, would probably be much faster. (I understand why people struggle with the PvP ones though, I'm just lucky that PvP is my jam haha)

  5. Funny you mentioned farming Colossus, but not far from there you can farm Hydra. On Mars, if you go to the Valley of the Kings, a Hydra appears among the Vex in front of the Gate to the Black Garden. I usually hop on top of the control building and use a sniper. You have to clear out the whole squad to get them to respawn. It's a nice way to level up armor or work on missions/bounties.

  6. I've been looking for a way to increase my Grimoire, and based on my stats it would seem that I completely overlooked ghost hunting. Once again, you're videos have proven super useful. Thanks, Datto!

  7. There's one question I've been wondering… and I don't know if its a bug.
    Somehow ( beat the house of Wolves missions 3 times through and PoE has been cleared a multitude of times) I'm missing the House of wolves grimoire card. How I'm missing it I don't know… Why I'm missing it is puzzling as well.

  8. Salvage is horrible since all you get are the tryhards using Thorn, OP Shotgun and Rockets and are trying to max their grimoire, or they're just trying to prevent you from getting a win… Rumble can be rough as well since it's just a shotgun fest.

    I'll also say that for anyone struggling with PvP wins, when Iron Banner is in town, it tends to pull a lot of tryhards out of normal crucible. Those who struggle should take advantage of that since you manage to get a ton of people who don't really play well.


  9. You Rock as always. I guess
    I'll get to killing. just a few left to do. I have all year one complete for the emblem.
    Thank you. And as always Guardian "Become Legend"

  10. actually getting certain grimoire bonuses give you extra experience boost such as when using shotguns, auto rifles etc. There's other bonuses, but not really worth mentioning.

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