Destiny | TRIALS OF OSIRIS HACKER | Infinite Golden-Guns + “Immune”.

Destiny 2

So, we were attempt a 2v3 Trials Passage attempt on FireBase Delphi this week, and for the first time in my time of playing Destiny PvP (Since Destiny first came out) we discovered a full on hacker. He had Infinite amounts of Golden-Gun charges, and was “Immune” to all incoming damage, except melee attacks. Bungie will be informed and hopefully bans are issued swiftly, while this issue is looked into to prevent others from achieving this. Please, play by the rules and respect other players in the community.

35 thoughts on “Destiny | TRIALS OF OSIRIS HACKER | Infinite Golden-Guns + “Immune”.

  1. He didn't hack. He just has true and pure skill. It allows him to be so quick, that it says immune, but he just dodges the bullets. His light is so powerful that it may even be infinite..

  2. Sure there was some bullshit going on in that game, that guy was clearly hacking because he obviously can't play for shit, but you're a dickhead for saying that you couldn't clutch a round 'because you were so confused'. Shut up, stop acting so cocky you clearly miss timed your melee. And saying your shot didn't hit at 4:42? That just missed, stop blaming 'the red bar connection' when there weren't even any red bars. Because you're using a high AA sniper, you expect that shot to hit? Smh

  3. I feel sorry for all u last gen console Destiny players. Once D2 launches u guys won't be able to log on to destiny, unless you have an xbox one. The people who can only afford D1 on XB1 u guys will soon just have to deal with no trials or iron banner. Sorry u guys, but someone had to break the news. I hope I will see u guys in D2 eventually.

  4. Hold up. Did we ever see him in the round that he popped two golden guns? Cause I only heard the noise but maybe I'm blind. I believe this dude was cheating but you could've added in the sound, explaining why it was very clear either time he popped his super. I believe you and he was also immune, so that's some proof, some damn. Good. Proof.

  5. And all of this shit happens because Bungie refused to get dedicated servers for Destiny 1 PvP, and now they want to use the same servers from Destiny 1 PvP into Destiny 2 PvP. Wonderful.

  6. Now the question remains… WHAT BUNGIE ARE GOIN TO DO ABOUT THIS ??? Thousands of bad cheaters lag players are using chippers constrols whatever.. and we sent thousands of reports and.. NOTHING IS DONE… theese players should be banned forever from Destiny among others games.. They're the most shame could be happened in the PVP. Dam they.

  7. theres still cheaters on ps4/xbox1 and bungie allow them. also ddosers pussies lag switch noobs and god mod infi supers.. this game is trash and d2 will be trash too.

  8. dude this happens all the time. ToO is having way too many people hacking. I've had people on my fireteam (which btw we're an extremely cohesive unit) taken out in 15 seconds flat, each player taking each of us out at once. Warlocks running Sunsinger would self-resurrect every time we killed them (which btw, was often) that like. there's also the issue of the hackers running DdOS attacks on one or more players in your ToO fireteam

  9. I love how most of the comments here are about how they wanted the hacker to win because of the weapons Lemvy was using, and yet they see how the less good players feel when they get shot down by TLW and High aim assist snipers. Have a taste of your own medicine. Bash me all you want.

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