Destiny Trials of Osiris: SHORES OF TIME Guide

Destiny 2

Once again, AGE OF TRIUMPH is coming in Destiny, and some folks need to get to the Lighthouse in Trials of Osiris for that sweet record book, so I’m coming out with Trials Map Guides for each map, each week – today is SHORES OF TIME. Learn some tips & tricks on how to position yourself on the map, and do your best to go 9-0 in trials. My goal is to keep doing these until Destiny 2!

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14 thoughts on “Destiny Trials of Osiris: SHORES OF TIME Guide

  1. Hey man. Great video as always. Do you ever do trials Virgin carries on PS4? Been training very hard but can't seem to find a good team and the guys I usually play with are great but never available when I am since I work 9-5.

  2. Tip #25: get the A spawn 7 times in a row for an easy flawless.
    Tip #26: hold left trigger in your spawn and make sure to use no land ore icebreaker to have a really fun time.
    Tip #27: use double sticky nades because thats the meta and you're bad with everything else.
    or just don't play trials and do something thats actually enjoyable because IMO the state of trials has never bin worse

  3. I love this map, I find a lot of people still play it like control with B Flag Complex having heavy traffic, while most flanks are do along the farthest C lane, but yes when the timer runs low, the power position of cap point is camped, heavily, watch hill and caves.

  4. This map is kinda hurting me
    Ive been playing friday which i have never done before and i found lag, youtuber, tryhards…
    Didn't even get to 5 wins
    Hopefully you stream

  5. Dude… That ding for heavy ammo just destroyed my ears. Think about the headphone users bro! Lol. It really is significantly louder than the rest of the audio and piercing. Maybe a note for the future.

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