Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid – Raising the Spire

Destiny 2

Part one of the Vault of Glass Raid, Raising the Spire. Its required to have control of all 3 sync plates for several minutes. Do not let the Praetorians enter the circle. Void weapons are a must to take out the Praetorians shields.

25 thoughts on “Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid – Raising the Spire

  1. WTF BUNGIE it doesn't say REQUIRES 6 PLAYERS, I'm fucking level 26 & I've beaten the entire single player in less than like 30 hours I thought this game had A LOT of content wtf!!! I don't kill people why did I waste $10 for only 30 hours!!! fuck, well i guess it's off to finish my anime & I guess go back to real life err GTA V on PS3 because at least that I've played since January, it's like almost July so that's what like 6 months 180 days 18 hours a day and I've still only seen half of the map/island so fuck off stupid ass bungie wtf beautiful game but where's the replay? I also made the other 2 character types to level 10 in those 30 hours, seriously, wtf.♥☺☻rants of a crazy man, but seriously

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