Dominions 5 EA Machaka Multiplayer Turns 54-56 – Countdown To Chaos

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Welcome to Dominions 5! This is the latest installment in Illwinter Games’ long-running series of complex, intricate strategy games based loosely off real-world mythology, and a strong contender for the title of Most Complicated Strategy Game In The World.

The brave warriors and cunning Boudas of Machaka have fought long and hard in their god’s name, and now the end is beginning to approach. With the competitors being cut down one by one, it remains to be seen how far the tribes and their vicious werehyenas can go. Funny Guy’s empire has grown large, but many powerful enemies yet remain. . . Will the Great God Funny Guy reign supreme over the ruins of his rivals’ cities? Only time can tell!

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6 thoughts on “Dominions 5 EA Machaka Multiplayer Turns 54-56 – Countdown To Chaos

  1. 10:30 – each point of PD requires a minimum of 10 population (except for on the forts of Lemuria and MA Ermor). So for 6 PD you'd need 60 population.

    However, the population of that province was too delicious for its own good and no longer exists at all.

  2. I know it won't help in this game but have you considered Crumble? It's an alteration 6 spell requires a 5E mage and 20 gems with a range of 4 provinces, and it does 250 points of damage, plus 25 for every extra level, to a fort. Seems perfect for what you're trying to do here.

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