FDPlays: 忍者村大战2 Ninja Village War 2 Gameplay

Team Fortress 2

Description from Steam store:
“Ninja village war 2” is out of War3 engine research and development of a new anime hero against the client online games. Is the only legitimate sequel ninja village of war. Is endure village for the first time based on PC platform of network game, it inherited the play of the map, inherited from maps, flow the origin of the soul, based on a map. By the ninja village war map core maker: sheng sheng, wave Peak to hangzhou points the development of a multiplayer online real-time strategy game.

Anime hero character design style, exquisite and gaming experience (hero skill variety, game strategy and changeful, limit operation killed and five friends open black against), on the basis of provides conforms to the operation mechanism of competitive user habit, let all kinds of players can not only easily to fit in more luxuriant micro and outstanding perfect interpretation of consciousness, competition and charming!

Skin mass hero, personality, skill variety, style is changeable, real-time matching, open black friends, for players to experience the depth, classic, high order of competition and fun!

I have to say their trailer for the game is pretty well-made, combat styles and graphics are pretty much like League of Legends. I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I did not quite like the part where the game goes from full screen to windowed mode during match findings and outside of battles. Also, they should release an English version to cater to a bigger player base. Check it out!

Ninja Village War 2 is out now on Steam:

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