Get better at first person shooters, (5 Tips for FPS Games), win fps games, Part 1

Battlefield 1

How to become a better first person shooter player is right here! My top 5 tips to play better at fps games is here! If you would like to know how to get better at first person shooter games you have come to the right place! Beginner or expert there are many things you can do to get better at first person shooter games. fps games area lot of fun but can be frustrating if you continually get killed. These first person shooter gaming tips can help you improve at any call of duty multiplayer any battlefield multiplayer or any fps multiplayer game you might be playing or look to improve at!

Here are 5 things i do that helped me play better at battlefield 1 and play better at call of duty! Actually any first person shooter game like rainbow six siege and any fps as well.

Improve your fps experience here with these tips!

Here is a link to video number 2!

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11 thoughts on “Get better at first person shooters, (5 Tips for FPS Games), win fps games, Part 1

  1. Some great Tips..I have messed up so many times when I find myself in a unfair trade off in a  2 on 1 gunfight because  I tend to switch from one to the other and get killed, makes sense what you said that It's better to focus on one at a time and resist the urge to engage the other cheeky blighter until I dropped the 1st guy! Something I need to work on, cheers bro.

  2. Great tips, When I engage 2 targets my brain always & it's been like this since I started, I shoot exactly right in between them, it drives me crazy! That in the middle of the screen thing you talked about i've never looked at it that way, that could be very helpful. The only thing I really do is, even tho it looks like i'm dead I never give up. I agree never rage quit cause rage quitters suck.

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