Get Three New Guns for Free in Advanced Warfare! (Advanced Arsenal Pack Tip)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Want a gold exo suit and three new guns for free?! Find out how!
● Weapon Trading in Advanced Warfare?!:
● Link for Day Zero gear:

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50 thoughts on “Get Three New Guns for Free in Advanced Warfare! (Advanced Arsenal Pack Tip)

  1. Just saying yall, I wouldn't exploit this. Because WHEN sledgehammer and activision fix this, there will most likely be repercussions. And no one knows what they could be till it happens. Just some advice to think on.

  2. Lol i hope everyone relises theres no point to this? The day zero content is basically just a camo and people will want to put a cooler camo on it anyway so theres no point (lol saw a vid about this like 2 months ago it is kinda stealing….) kinda….

  3. TmarTn really thats right tell millions of people how to exploit the game because as long as you are getting free stuff its ok right no it's not, i pre ordered the game and now you just told 300,000 people how to get it free good job helping the call of duty fan base and the franchise. Hey Fanboys go ahead hate. 

  4. not anymore the page was taken down thx everyone who lied about being early and not getting it now pple like me who actually got day0 and dnt get the dlc with it dont get it hope they fix it 

  5. I'm glad this doesn't work anymore. I like TmarTn, Don't get me wrong, but i HATE when people start trying to figure out how to cheat their way to getting the pre-order items. If you wanted it, you should have pre-ordered the fucking game, which i did. Getting them for free takes away the purpose of the people who DID buy it being able to show it off and enjoy it.

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