HACKER/STREAM SNIPER EXPOSED in Twitch chat Live – Battlefield 4

Battlefield 1

Don’t try this at home kids. If you are willing to hack in games, expect to be named and shamed.

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41 thoughts on “HACKER/STREAM SNIPER EXPOSED in Twitch chat Live – Battlefield 4

  1. We are being shit on every day as gamer's who spend tons of money building gaming rigs then pay large for all the new game's coming out and have to deal with a person using a multi hack . It's not right and it's not fair ! it should be outlawed across the board . i have been gaming online all the way back to windows 98 ! 20 years and this is still going strong and worse every year ! You got whole clans running ghost accounts and hacking on there own servers where they can not get ban from the server ! You got ex punk buster guys leaving PB and opening hack sites to get rich in 5 years ! I know of one site that has hacks for over 35 games all the BF and COD games and has ….ready ? 75.000 members ! One site . Also guys remember not all hackers are going to join the server and go hog wild , you got tons and tons of what i call "closet hackers" ….. They keep it on the down low . you got hackers on almost every BF4 server out there 24/7 !! When the BF1 hack goes down they all flock to BF4 like a cancer !!! Don't you find it strange that some times you go online and play BF4 and you got tons of low ranking players everywhere ? Yeah that's them coming back after a ban wave from PB . PB will catch one then use that info to catch the whole web site and ban them all on the same day …… Then EA sells them a new key and there back for more !!!! Over and over and over and over and over WTF IS WRONG HERE !!!!!!

  2. I mean… All the kills he actually got seemed legit. If you can't really handle getting knifed, then that's kinda on you. You were still killing him, but you didn't have situational awareness. I noticed that he got behind you and knifed you in a generally open area, so you should've turned around at some point to check your flank. And that first death, with the front knife was just slow reactions on you. It's good that he got banned for cheating, but it doesn't mean that all his kills on you were cheated kills.

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