Half Life 2 Gameplay – FREE TO USE – (1080p60fps)

Team Fortress 2

– This video is free to use, edit, and monetize in your videos.
– Attribution text (Link to this channel, or this video) is required by the
Creative Commons license on all of my videos.

– Re-upload the gameplay to your channel.
– Claim the gameplay is yourself playing.

^ I have the ability to claim copyright infringement on your video if you do these. (Which would give your channel a strike.)

Download the gameplay file with the following links:
To download in 60fps, get this application:

To download in 30fps, use this website:

6 thoughts on “Half Life 2 Gameplay – FREE TO USE – (1080p60fps)

  1. nice ,
    i want to use your videos , i just need a gameplay background for my video , what things i have to do using your videos , i don't re upload your video , did i have to give a link to your or not ?
    waiting for your answer

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